Monday, 19 July 2010

Fighting Fantasy Monday: Fangs of Fury (III)

[I'll be away hiking and camping in the Scottish Highlands until the end of the month-ish, so this is the last update from me for a while. I know posting on this blog has slowed down a lot over the last few months, so I hope after the break I'll come back refreshed and full of energy.]

Back here, we were confronted by a naughty goblin who seems to have mistaken us for an ally and wants to know our regiment. Being a bunch of deceitful scumbags, you decided to bluff and give him a name.

In Zamarra, you've heard stories about the Bonecrusher Battalions so you decide to use that name. The Goblin immediately pulls out a sword and holds it to your throat. 'The Bonecrushers have not landed yet, Coney!' He calls out to one of the soldiers, 'Get the list. I think we have another spy.' The Goblin marches you to a deep earth dug-out as another Goblin arrives clutching a large battered book. He looks at you, then flicks through the pages. The book seems to contain information about King Elidor's knights, squires and nobles. The Goblin shuts the book, disappointed. 'Nobody important, no ransom, kill him.' Do you shout out that what you meant to say was that you want to join the Bonecrushers (turn to 250) or 'admit' that you've deserted from the Citadel garrison (turn to 181)?


  1. Have a great time in the hoots toots highlands, laddie boy. I've been to Scotland a few times in me youth. My Dad is from Glasgow area, and mum is from Stirling.

  2. BillyBillerson21 July 2010 at 20:13

    Keep on bluffing--we're joining the Bonecrushers

  3. Join the Bonecrushers! The name has a certain ring to it, I just can't resist.

  4. seems like they might just kill us anyway if we say we just deserted, i guess we go with Bonecrushers. we all kinda suck at this :/

  5. NOOO!!! not part of the bonecrushers! i just want to join them, boss! heard they are the hardest bunch around. you must have misunderstood me there, boss.


    *cringing smile*