Saturday, 28 February 2015

Yoon-Suin Print Edition Update

My laptop has chosen an inopportune moment to die. Fortunately, I've been able to do some guerilla PDF editing on my work computer; there was a nervous moment when a co-worker noticed I was printing something with the word 'Opium' on the top in big letters in a weird font, but I was able to hastily draw his attention away, to a group of fashion students walking past my office, and all was saved. I should be able to make a proper announcement soon.

Here are some photos of an earlier abortive attempt. The book remains in this basic format - most pages have much more text on, but pictures are better to look at.


  1. Great form factor, I have a slight deja vu about saying this, but I think that format (or one with a slightly smaller spine) is one of the best for precisely the reason you show in this picture; it holds itself open without damaging the spine. (Plus it fits nicely on the edge of the table without taking too much room up).

    1. Yes. Honestly the decison was just motivated by what looks good for a PDF (computer screens are landscape) and the fact that there is just something immensely pleasing about flipping through a paperback landscape book.