Thursday, 31 March 2016

New Inheritance Rules

I created a rule for inheritance today, due to unforeseen circumstances arising in a game. It is as follows.

New Inheritance Rule 
A player can at any time have his character create a will in order to pass on his wealth to a new PC after the current one's death.  
If doing so, he must specify the name, relationship, and character class of the PC who stands to inherit. After his current PC dies, he takes on the heir and then rolls up the stats and hit points.

The idea is to create a trade-off between being able to pass on money but potentially being stuck with a sub-optimal weak fighter or stupid magic-user next time around.


  1. Interesting idea, if you make them roll 3d6 next to each ability...

  2. How do the old PCs--who presumably went to the trouble of hauling and safekeeping the stuff back out of the dungeon--feel about handing it off to Johnny-come-lately? :)