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Witches and Warlocks

Those who worship Satan gain certain powers because their master is the prince of the world. While witches and warlocks can never enter heaven, they can walk freely between other realms, and are indeed the only beings that can do this. The mightiest of Faerie Nobles cannot enter the world of men without sacrifice and undergoing restraints both physical and temporal. Yet witches and warlocks can go back and forth from Faerie to New Troy to Muspel and suffer no hindrance in doing so.

Thanks to the granting of the devil's power, witches and warlocks also use magic, which comes from Faerie, and can communicate with the spirits of the evil and unbaptised dead, who exist in Muspel. Through it, they can even exert influence over nature itself, bending the will of beasts and plants to their own. 

Witch or Warlock

HD: d6+4, AC 6, #ATT 1, DMG By weapon +2 (typically staff)

Roll: 1 - Young woman; 2 - Young male; 3 - Middle-aged woman; 4 - Middle-aged man; 5 - Old woman; 6 - Old man

Powers by number of HD (cumulative):

5/6 - can walk between Faerie and New Troy, or New Troy in Muspel, if alone for one hour; can cast animal friendshipbarkskin, entangle, faerie fire, pass without traceshillelagh, obscurement, warp wood, call lightning, cure/cause disease, plant growth, neutralise poison/poison, summon insects, tree, all once per day; charm personcall woodland beings, animal summoning I, hallucinatory forest, dispel magic, speak with dead all once per week; and speak with animals and invisibility to animals at will
7/8 - can cast charm personanimal summoning I, hallucinatory forest, dispel magic, animal growth, commune with nature, sticks to snakes, all once per day; and animal summoning II, control winds, insect plague, pass plant, weather summoning, transport via plants, animate dead, all once per week
9/10 - can cast animal summoning Ihallucinatory forestdispel magicanimal growthcommune with naturesticks to snakes, animal summoning IIcontrol windsinsect plaguepass plantweather summoningtransport via plants, all once per day; and animal summoning III, feeblemind, turn wood, wall of thorns, control weather, creeping doom, finger of death, raise the dead, all once per week


Dice Lair Familiars* (roll d3) Unique Power
1 A small, ordinary and pleasant-looking
Wildcat Can detach own hand,
which acts independently
and can cast spells; has 1/4
of witch's total HD 
2 A house in the forest made from
many thousands of dead flowers woven
Rat Can bite to poison; save vs
3 A hut surrounded by petrified frogs,
bats, birds, toys, etc. hanging from
Owl Can hypnotise with eyes 1/day;
save vs paralysis
4 Within a bulbous gall on a tree which
somehow requires entrants to imagine
they are small enough to enter
Rook Can sing a beautiful song which
attracts the unwary 1/day; save
vs magic or be compelled to
discover song's source 
5 In a set of caves under a boulder which
is entered through an impossibly thin
crack which requires entrants to imagine
they are thin enough to enter
Lizard Can pause time for 10 seconds
6 A hut in a huge bird's nest is a high tree
in the forest
Adder Can feign death 1/week
7 A hut made from lily pads floating on
a pond
Sparrowhawk Can use words to compel others
(suggestion 1/day)
8 A hut constructed within the hollow of
a blasted oak
Spider Can fly 1/week
9 Balancing on top of a small tower of
boulders, standing one on top of another
in an impossible seeming way 
Stag beetle Can disguise perfectly as a
person seen and heard once
10 In a wind- or water-mill which seems
to turn backwards
Fox Can cast clairaudience 
and clairvoyance 1/day

*Familiars are as the normal animals, but contain the witch or warlock's consciousness and can cast one of his/her spells once per day.

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