Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Diversity of Language

If you are interested in thinking about fantasy languages - at the level of sound rather than the technicalities of grammar, vocabulary and so on - you could do worse than subscribe to WikiTongues on YouTube, a collection of videos of people speaking various languages. Some of them may not be native speakers, or entirely proficient, but most seem authentic.

Just for fun, here are examples from around the British Isles. First, Welsh:

Second, Scottish Gaelic:

Third, Manx:

And now here are some from further afield. First, Mingrelian:

Now Mapudungun:

And Tibetan:


  1. Oh, neat! Always fond of obscure little channels like this.

  2. There are too many damn languages on this planet. No wonder we have such a hard time getting along!

    1. I kind of think the opposite - the more we speak the same language the more we find to argue about....

  3. For various boring reasons I spoke fluent Welsh growing up; it's more or less all gone now, but I miss it.