Sunday, 12 June 2022

Table of Hippogriff Traits

The PCs in my weekly game have tamed some hippogriffs. This calls for a chart of random hippogriff traits.

The default hippogriff has HD 3+1, AC 5, #ATT 3, DMG 1d6/1d6/1d10, Move 180 (Fly 360), Save As F2, ML 8. 

Consult the following table for variations. 


Physical Characteristic



Small (2+1 HD)

Has a taste for human flesh (will attack any encountered NPC on a roll of 2 on a 2d6)


Large (4+1 HD)

Rivalrous (sees any other hippogriff as a rival; has to pass a morale check each round in combat or attack whatever its nearest rival is attacking) 


Albino (never surprises opponents, but continually blesses itself and its rider)

Loud (never stops vocalising; never surprises opponents)


Blind in one eye (-2 to hit)

Hates 1 – Dwarfs, 2 – Elves, or 3 – Halflings, and cannot abide to be ridden by one; will attack any such species enemy that comes within bite range


Three legged (only one claw attack)

Wilful (may not obey even simple commands; has a 1 in 6 chance of going off on a frolic of its own, as determined by the DM, each round during combat)


Fat (flies at 240, runs at 120)

Vicious (does +2 damage, but spends 1d3 additional rounds savaging the corpse of anything it kills)


Fast (always acts first in combat)

Meek (baulks at confrontation; must pass a morale check at the start of each combat in order to participate)


Old (always acts last in combat)

Gluttonous (must pass a morale check if anything is killed in a 12’ radius of its position; failure means the hippogriff must spend 1d6 rounds devouring the carcass) 


Broken-winged (cannot fly)

Lustful (must pass a morale check if a hippogriff of the opposite sex is present in order to refrain from attempting mating)


Two-headed (two bite attacks)

Restive (must pass a morale check each round in order to remain still, unless asleep)


Roll twice, ignoring contradictory results

Friendly (any human interacting with the hippogriff gets a +2 bonus to animal handling rolls)


Roll three times, ignoring contradictory results

Intelligent (can obey complex commands and engage in conversation if the hippogriff language is known)

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  1. This is an outstanding table. With light modifications for a different creature type, it will work perfectly in my current campaign.

    Thanks for sharing!