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On Yoon-Suin Adventure Sites

Yoon-Suin 2nd edition (which you can back now on Kickstarter) contains 12 adventure sites. 

These are fully mapped, fully keyed, fully statted-up locations which you can drop in anywhere on a hexmap for your PCs to explore, or run as standalone adventures. They are basically runnable 'out of the box' - with almost zero prep needed. Many are also created in such a way that they can lead to much bigger megadungeon-style locations. 

Here is an example of some of the maps (drawn by Tom Fitzgerald) though obviously not in final form and without the keyed info:

And here are some examples of the kind of stuff that is in the keys for various places, taken at random:

‘Statues from the Lost City of Selefarran Vo, whose people in their final decadence made their children fight in war, while the adults themselves grew fat and feeble.’ A room filled with three dozen or so statues of children, made from white stone but with their hands, feet and noses painted red. All are depicted wearing scale mail, and their hands are sculpted in such a way as to indicate they once held weapons. Almost all are broken to some extent, and some are entirely shattered. One girl still holds a javelin in her left hand. It is made from teak, and the head is of jade; its design is starkly and deliberately minimalist. It is worth 500gp, and is magical - it was used for fighting bhoots, and it always hits when thrown at an undead being, doing maximum damage.

In the room are three evil spirits, all brothers, servants of an arch-mage in the Yellow City who sent them to the museum to bring him its relics, but who found the place to their liking and chose to remain. They call themselves the Creeper, the Caller, and the Climber. Each goes about naked, and has hairless chalk blue skin.

The Creeper: HD 3, AC 6, #ATT 1, DMG By weapon+2*, Move 120, Save as F2, TT: None

*Can move in perfect silence, and crawls low to the ground on all fours - he always surprises opponents.

*Carries a kerambit with a black blade - it always does maximum damage (i.e., 6, being d4+2), and is worth 300gp

The Caller: HD 3, AC 6, #ATT 1, DMG By weapon *, Move 120, Save as F2, TT: None

*Can cast Monster Summoning I 3/day

*Carries a gada, resembling a pick, its head shaped into that of a gharial - it does d6+1 damage and ignores armour, and is worth 750gp

The Climber: HD 3, AC 6, #ATT 2, DMG By weapon/by weapon**, Move 120, Save as F2, TT: None

*Can climb on walls and ceilings effortlessly

*Carries two bagh nakh, doing d3 damage each; wounds bleed profusely, causing the wounded to lose an additional 1hp per round for 3 rounds after being hit.


The shrine. A circular chamber with exits leading NW, S and NE to [11]. The S exit is a round tunnel 4’ off the ground that has to be crawled through; the NW exit is a thin, low burrow that has to be belly-crawled. Six of the woodlouse men are in here at any one time, engaged in a ritualistic orgy before a wooden statue of their deity, a nameless rhinoceros-beetle god of love and sex with mother-of-pearl eyes (worth 300gp each) Three monitor lizards lie recently butchered on a flat rock against the N wall; around them roam iridescent green rhinoceros-beetle males and females engaged in courtship and mating, and draped around this scene are five ceremonial golden necklaces, each worth 100gp. The room is dimly lit with torches.

The woodlouse men have heightened metabolisms due to their sexual antics. Any reaction dice roll involving them is at -4, and they are only surprised on a 1 (and not surprised at all if the rubble trap in [11] has been activated). They gain a +1 bonus to initiative.

Woodlouse men: HD 1, AC 6, #ATT 1, DMG By weapon (short sword, club, spear), Move 120, ML 7, Save as F1, TT (P, Q, S)


The old guardroom. A cell which once housed yuthada vaanara servants, now long gone, who watched the doorway. It has since become the nest of a pair of giant blood pheasant cockatrices - 6’ high quail-like birds with blood red faces, the male’s feathers grey and flecked with vivid red, the female’s drabber. There is one parent in the nest at any one time, with the eggs (or both, if it is night time); the other is foraging nearby and will immediately return to the nest (arriving within d6+1 round) if it hears an alarm call. The parent sitting on the nest will attempt to warn intruders by making loud, aggressive shrieks (which also function as alarm calls) and shaking its head from side to side before attacking. If the intruders retreat the bird will not pursue.

The blood pheasant cockatrices and the Experimenter’s former servants have an implicit and unacknowledged truce: they avoid each other and leave well alone when coming and going through the tower’s entrance.

The nest contains 8 eggs. These are worth 2,000gp each in the Oligarchies (and elsewhere), as the birds are highly valued by the nobility of the Mountains of the Moon as pets, if a method can be found of keeping them 35 degrees warm during transportation or until they hatch (in d3 weeks). They each weigh 5cn. The young eat grubs, small insects, lizards and so on - blood pheasant cockatrices can choose whether to use their petrifying power, and will not do so when eating.

Other than the nest, which is a large pile of sticks, leaves, stones and earth, the room contains stone benches along the outer wall and a rack of 12 halberds on the inner one. The window is opaque blue glass - if looking in from outside one can see the shape of the bird, though one will not be able to identify it. 

Giant blood pheasant cockatrice: HD 5, AC 6, #ATT 2, DMG 1d4*/1d4 (bite/wing buffet), Move 120 (Fly 180), ML 8, Save as F4, TT None

*The touch of the beak petrifies on a failed save versus magic


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