Monday 13 November 2023

The Sunday Seven, 12th November 2023

Each Sunday, I share seven links to items of interest that have crossed my eye across the preceding week. Here are this week's:

  • On Mythlands of Erce, we hear about 'Why "Roll under" Ability checks really are the best of checks', and we agree
  • Dungeon stocking is one of the most important and enjoyable of DMing activities, and I am always curious to learn how other people do it; In Places Deep posted one of the better examples I've read
  • I will probably write a post about this subject myself, since I used to be a translator, but World Building & Woolgathering has a great little piece on translation errors/issues in maps
  • I can't remember if I have posted about this before, but the UK's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has an online map application which allows you to zoom in on the UK to beautifully crisp and granular OS-level detail - it is extremely useful in, for example, coming up with maps on the fly for random wilderness encounters; stealing names; or even just drawing inspiration from to create more realistic-looking maps
  • There is a new thing called Obojima - a setting for 5th edition 'that aims to bring the aesthetics of Studio Ghibli' to D&D
  • In case there is the slightest chance you are living under a rock, Mythic Bastionland has now launched and is likely relevant to your interests
  • This may be old news; I have no idea, as I am out of the loop, but His Majesty the Worm sounds great and intrigues me in that 'summer of 08' way

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  1. I've used roll under ability checks for years. Generally in multiples of d6s - 3d6 for easy tasks, 4d6 for more difficult and so on. This aligns with how ability scores are generated and makes high (and low) scores more meaningful. I think I picked this up from Allan Grohe.