Monday 18 December 2023

The Sunday Seven: 17th December 2023

Each Sunday, I share seven links to items of interest that have crossed my eye across the preceding week. Here are this week's:

  • Her Christmas Knight posts an entire RPG Wargame, Investigating Censor.
  • Cyowari produces insanely nice historical snapshot maps on Deviantart.
  • This post, from almost exactly a year ago, statistically organises OSR and OSR-adjacent rulesets in attractive diagrammatic form. Why? To what end? It is the kind of mad enterprise for which the blogosphere was invented, and I salute the author for it.
  • Why did nobody tell me this blog existed? You had me at 'This week, we're going to take a look at a different aspect of ancient infantry tactics: how heavy infantry shield formations work.'
  • Ricardo Pinto has completely reworked his Stone Dance of the Chameleon trilogy into seven shorter, punchier novels; I have been reading the first, The Masters, and it is excellent. 
  • I am a big fan of Pariah, but I am a bit embarrassed to confess I had no idea who the author was or that they have a blog. Well, they do.
  • OK, the music is cheesy. But I could while away hours watching WMA videos.


  1. Lol…WMA is as goofy as it gets.

  2. acoup has wonderful series, try reading the Sparta one, or the Fremen mirage