Wednesday 10 July 2024

Impending Big Yoon Suin News and Big Oops

This is probably as suitable a forum for this post as any; many of you will know that I have been slaving over the finalisation of Yoon Suin 2nd edition, and that a v.01 PDF has gone out to Kickstarter backers. I am shortly to release the final version of the PDF to them (on July 19th) and will put it out for general sale subsequently via the usual channels (Drive Thru RPG, my website, travelling ogre mage salesmen, merchant spelljammer vessels, etc.). 

With great shock and horror I discovered that I had inadvertently made the v.01 PDF available for purchase on Drive Thru RPG in the small hours of this morning. This problem was rapidly rectified but 11 people had already bought the PDF. They will receive the final version as an update, so no harm will be done, but I was only able to contact three of them due to privacy settings on Drive Thru RPG. Lacking another means of letting them know, I am putting up an announcement here.

In the meantime - some sample pages!

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