Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Elf Variants: III

I think I might rewrite the variants I've got so far, then bundle them up with some others and release them as a free .pdf. Brian has been posting a lot about Amagi Games recently, and I like the idea of free downloadable campaign ideas and game 'plugins'; the so-called webcomic model. It might be fun to try, and it beats just lobbing ideas out into the ether like I'm mostly doing with this blog at the moment.

Anyway, a new variant: the Woodwose.

Elf (Woodwose)

In the deepest, darkest, thickest woodland of the temperate world live the people known as Woodwoses. Tall, thin, with fierce staring eyes and thick beards, their appearance is unmistakeable when they allow themselves to be seen. This, however, they rarely do. The most anybody is likely to see of one in its natural home is a brief rustle of ivy or a shadow moving in dappled sunlight - and then nothing.

Woodlands are lords and protectors of the forest. They are as aggressive in defending it from human woodcutters as they are goblinoid invaders: None are permitted to threaten their realm. When an intruder is discovered they strike from the shadows like ghosts with their magicks and then disperse.

Woodwoses rule the forest, but it is a rule of fear, not love. All life in the wood is considered to be theirs, be it tree or beast. They view it as their right to take what they need and bend all to their will; the animals and plants of the forest are nothing more than their chattels and slaves. This tyrannical rule is tempered by wisdom, however, for the Woodwoses are careful not to abuse their power to the point that it is taken from them by revolt. A kind of freedom exists for all creatures living in the forest - but only until a Woodwose has need of them.

Individually, Woodwoses are proud and quick to anger, with wills as hard as oak; only Dwarves surpass them in determination and strength of spirit. Though tall, they are physically frail, and they disdain physical combat - their power is in magic and manipulation of natural forces. Woodwose adventurers usually leave their homelands to search for greater knowledge and hence greater power, so that they can bring it back to their people and thus strengthen them against their enemies.

Elf (Woodwose)

Prime Requisite: Intelligence and Wisdom.
Other Requirements: Intelligence and Wisdom of 9 or greater.
Experience Bonus: 5% for an Intelligence and Wisdom of greater than 13; 10% for an Intelligence and Wisdom of greater than 15.
Hit Dice: d4 per level up to 12th level.
Maximum Level: 12
Armour: Only leather armour is permitted.
Weapons: Woodwoses may only use wooden or stone weapons - e.g. clubs, staffs and slings.
Special Abilities: Woodwoses have a 90% chance of not being spotted in woodland areas - this ability works in the same way as it does for Halflings. They have the innate ability to cast Speak With Animal or Speak With Plant three times per day.
Experience Levels: Woodwoses use the Magic-User experience table for purposes of advancement.
Saving Throws: Woodwoses use the Elf saving throw table.

Elf (Woodwose) Spell List

Woodwoses use the Magic User Spell/Level table, though they prepare their spells through meditation as Druids and Clerics do. They draw their spells from the following list:

Level 1
-Charm Person (M1)
-Shield (M1)
-Sleep (M1)
-Ventriloquism (M1)
-Detect Magic (M1)
-Read Magic (M1)
-Cause Light Wounds (C1)
-Resist Cold (C1)
-Faerie Fire (D1)
-Predict Weather (D1)
-Locate (D1)
-Magic Missile (M1)

Level 2
-Warp Wood (D2)
-Hold Person (C2)
-Know Alignment (C2)
-Silence 15' Radius (C2)
-Snake Charm (C2)
-Entangle (M2)
-ESP (M2)
-Invisibility (M2)
-Knock (M2)
-Phantasmal Force (M2)
-Web (M2)
-Mirror Image (M2)

Level 3
-Clairvoyance (M3)
-Dispel Magic (M3)
-Fly (M3)
-Haste (M3)
-Invisibility, 10' Radius (M3)
-Lightning Bolt (M3)
-Protection from Missiles (M3)
-Protection from Poison (D3)
-Call Lightning (D3)
-Growth of Animal (C3)
-Curse (C3)
-Speak With the Dead (C3)

Level 4
-Sticks to Snakes (C4)
-Cause Serious Wounds (C4)
-Animate Dead (C4)
-Plant Door (D4)
-Summon Animals (D4)
-Charm Monster (M4)
-Confusion (M4)
-Growth of Plants (M4)
-Wizard Eye (M4)
-Polymorph Self (M4)

Level 5
-Woodform (M5)
-Cloudkill (M5)
-Feeblemind (M5)
-Teleport (M5)
-Wall of Stone (M5)
-Control Winds (D5)
-Anti-Plant Shell (M5)
-Cause Critical Wounds (C5)
-Insect Plague (C5)
-Raise Dead (C5)

Level 6
-Create Normal Animals (C6)
-Find the Path (C6)
-Speak with Monsters (C6)
-Transport Through Plants (D6)
-Turn Wood (D6)
-Anti-Animal Shell (D6)

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  1. This is my favorite one yet. I've been thinking along similar lines for trolls, honestly, and might still parts of this for that.

    - Brian