Friday, 16 October 2009

She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean, she was the best damn woman that I ever seen

Zak Smith, artist, porn star, player of Blixa the thief in my Warhammer FRP game, and general all round renaissance man, has started a new blog. It's called Playing D&D with Porn Stars and it can be found here. It is much recommended - Zak is if nothing else a very inventive guy in-game and is a top commenter on Monsters & Manuals entries. Yes, the premise of the blog sounds too good to be true, but I can personally confirm that Strippers Like Gaming; a stripper ex-girlfriend of mine was among other things a huge D&D fan. (Unfortunately, she only ever used to play 3.5. She was also a lunatic. A tautology perhaps?)

Anyway. Enjoy. I'm back in England for a bit on business and before that was mostly being a newlywed and drinking. Regular posting schedule should start up again tomorrow. For sure this time! Highlights will include:
  • Nostaligia for a particular Commodore Amiga related magazine;
  • Thoughts on anthropomorphic insectoid Basic D&D;
  • A Yoon-Suin map;
  • Session playlists for ones iPod; and
  • Many varieties of magical cigarettes
Wait in bated breath.


  1. Ha! I also had a gaming stripper girlfriend! It ended horribly.

  2. While I have dated some very attractive and...creative...gamers (even married one once), none have been anywhere near that 'blue' on the employment spectrum.

    There's alway

  3. Thanks for the pointer to Zak's blog--I always enjoy his commentary and look forward to seeing what he's got to share.

    Also, breath has been bated, particularly for "Session playlists for ones iPod" and
    "Many varieties of magical cigarettes".