Monday, 5 October 2009

Back in the Swing

Looks like I'm finally getting back in business again. It also looks as if I managed a grand total of 0 posts during my wedding preparations. I thought I might have time for at least a couple, but clearly not!

So what's new in the world of noisms? Not a huge amount, is the answer. I was astounded to discover a branch of Yellow Submarine, Japan's answer to Forbidden Planet, in a rather anonymous Kawasaki suburb yesterday. The wife and I were wandering around a department store when suddenly there it was, bold as brass, a geek paradise par excellence somehow sprouting up between all the Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton boutiques, like some hideous banana-coloured alien. Naturally I forced the missus to spend an incredibly boring half hour in there while I paged through the Japanese edition of D&D 4e. I can confirm it is as unappealing to me in that form as it is in the original English. (And bloody expensive too: over 6000 yen for the PHB, which is about 45 quid in today's money or something approaching US$65.)

Otherwise, I've been working on some bits and pieces of flavour art for Yoon-Suin, as well as a map, which I'll post at some point - namely when it doesn't look like the pathetic scrawlings of an utter non-talent.

Good to be back. Regular posting will start later today or tomorrow morning.


  1. Hello, congrats and welcome back ~

    WV: mundenj -- when you're only pretending to be mundane ;3

  2. Welcome back, and congrats on the wedding!

    You know, the only 3E book I still have is a 3.5 PHB in Japanese that I bought at the Shinjuku Yellow Submarine. I miss that place. Nothing like it here in Busan...

  3. My understanding is that the Japanese 4e books look exactly like the American ones (except for, y'know, being in Japanese), with the same art and layout. Is that accurate?

  4. Welcome back, and congratulations!

  5. Congrats... now back to work!!

  6. Wow! Congrats on the wedding my good man.

    Did you say Yellow Submarine? I am green with envy!...or maybe born this way.

    If you get a chance see if they have any Japanese RPGs. While many of the games we play is the US are translated over (D&D, GURPS), Japan often has additional supplements unique to their audience. In addition their own RPGs (or TRPGs as they tend to call them) have some very interesting ideas and mechanics.

  7. I'm not sure how you expected a simple change in language to affect your opinion of 4e.

    But I'm glad you did give it another chance.

  8. taichara: Thanks!

    Lord Gwydion: Don't Koreans play RPGs?

    blizack: Yeah, they're exactly the same. Ditto for all the other editions of D&D, I believe.

    Mike D: Cheers.

    Frederic: As you can tell, I've not been exactly sprinting into action. Harder getting back into the swing of things that I expected.

    Barking Alien: I have had a look at some Japanese TRPGs, but never played. I find it hard to find groups, to be honest.

    Rachel: I wasn't really expecting it, I was just being ironical. ;)