Thursday 22 October 2009

Kójó Cigarettes

As is the case everywhere in Yoon-Suin, the people of Lamarakh are keen smokers. Because they are river nomads who do not plant crops, they instead use the leaves of various trees found lining their waterways, particularly those of the kójó. The kójó is an ordinary jungle tree with rather mundane looking, but tasty, red fruits. Its large leaves are dried and then crushed, then wrapped in a whole one and smoked.

Something about the nature of kójó leaves allows them to be easily imbued with minor spells and cantrips, and a cottage industry has grown up in Lamarakh selling such magical cigarettes to traders from the Hundred Kingdoms, the Yellow City, Sughd and elsewhere. Some varieties are listed below:

Love Cigarette (50 gold pieces)

The smoke from this cigarette acts like a temporary charm person spell if it is blown directly into the face. The victim is permitted a saving throw vs. magic to resist the effects. The spell wears off after 12 hours.

Red Eye Cigarette (20 gold pieces)

This cigarette endows the smoker with infravision of 60' for 12 hours.

Ghost Eye Cigarette (10 gold pieces)

Invisible beings can be seen by looking through the smoke of this cigarette, as if it is a lens. This only lasts as long as the cigarette itself is lit.

Cigarette of Judgement (10 gold pieces)

The smoke from this cigarette functions as a know alignment spell; gazing through it at somebody reveals their nature to the smoker.

Cigarette of Choking (20 gold pieces)

This cigarette's smoke is equivalent to a stinking cloud spell which only affects one person. Inhaled directly it is safe, but when it is exhaled into the face of another it induces vomiting and weakness.

All cigarettes last for three minutes.


  1. I think I speak for everyone; pure brilliance.

  2. nice.
    a few of those are getting used this friday.
    (assuming the ladies don't flake.)

  3. Kool. Cue image of fighter, lighting a cigarette before charging around the corner into battle. "It's more than just the flavor."

  4. Nice! Glad you posted these cigarettes, I'll use them in Pathfinder.

    I produced some similar stuff for Louis Porter's blog- mystic tobacco and teas. It's for Pathfinder but can be converted to 2nd Edition pretty easily. It might be a good fit for your campaign.