Sunday, 1 November 2009

[Iburi System Part III] Shiribeshi, the Warmthless

Shiribeshi is a giant curved U, spinning on an upright axis, locked in a permanent ice age. Its surface is a sea of glaciers, occasionally punctured by islands of mountains, and it is constantly swept by gale force winds, blizzards and ice storms. Very few outsiders can tolerate its frigid temperatures, but its groundling population is vast - ice trolls, quaggoths, remorhaz, derro, white dragons, giants, and many other varities of cold-loving beings.

Because of Shiribeshi's unusual shape it has certain unique characteristics. On the inside of the U days are short and separated by a few hours of "half night" around noon as the opposite side of the curve passes before the light of Iburi. Meanwhile, on the tips of the U and at its base there is never night - for the whole year light approaches from an oblique angle, providing the extremities of the planet with constant weak illumination.

Derro are the dominant intelligent race in large swathes of Shiribeshi and they make their homes in citadels in the mountains, where they burrow deep down underneath the planet's surface, mining for minerals. These are traded with visitors from other worlds, mainly for human slaves who the derro can torture, eat, and put to work. Ruinous wars are fought between different derro polities over the best lodes.


  1. this makes me imagine a crazy labyrinthine tubular shaped planet with swiss-cheese holes where different zones are constantly in the shadow of other parts of the planet and so every nation's culture and way of life conforms to a specific day-night cycle.

  2. Derro. Small pink whistling Derro in golden armour who travel the stars in their dreaded Songjammers, sharp-prowed brazen barges powered by music.