Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fighting Fantasy Monday (Except on Tuesday Again): Seas of Blood (IV)

Deception won out. So off we go.

You drop anchor in a sheltered cove of the island, disembark and travel to the temple-fortress of the warrior priests with only a few crew as companions. When you near your destination, but before you are in sight, you instruct your companions to wait in cover for your return and then proceed to the main gate alone.

Posing as an emissary from the city of Lagash, you gain entrance and then audience with the abbot. 'O great abbot of illustrious Asswr sel Dablo, keeper of truth and wisdom in the northern lands, I bring you greetings and news from an esteemed friend,' you say.

'You are too kind. Sit, have tea, then speak of the news,' he replies. You do as he says. After a suitably polite time has passed, you say, 'I have heard that there is to be an assault on your citadel by the Wazi of Lagash, whose masters are pressing him for increased revenue. I have
powerful friends, O master, and - for a suitable fee - could cause the attack to be misdirected.' You bow.

The abbot sighs, then whispers to his attendant monk, 'An opportunist.' He presses a carbuncle on his chair: the floor around you falls away and drops you into a deep, open pit-lose 2 points of STAMINA.

'Foolhardy pirate,' laughs the abbot, looking down from the edge of the pit. 'You must meet your destiny through one of these.' He points at four doors, one in each of the four walls of the pit. Each door has a different symbol carved into it. Which will you open:
The door with a star-burst carved in it? Turn to 380
The door with an upside-down triangle? Turn to 327
The door with a wheel? Turn to 297
The door with a horizontal crescent? Turn to 249

(Is this an abbey or a Bond villain's lair? Anyway, which door?)

Log: 13 Days
Gold: 63
Slaves: 1
Crew Strength: 15
Stamina: 17


  1. I say we go for the wheel! 249!

  2. Ouch!

    The door with an upside-down triangle? Turn to 327

  3. man, for a pirate we really suck at lying! let's go to the star!

  4. theres an upside down triangle? ... like a public toilet?

    lets go for the star burst!! we might explode

  5. Upside-down triangle!

    (wait a sec, how is a triangle ever right-side up or upside-down... A triangle just *is*!!!)