Friday, 19 February 2010

Five Spells

Five forge inspired BECMI spells:

Oil King (Level 2)
Range: 60'
Duration: Concentration
Effect: Manipulation of oil

This spell allows the caster to control oils and greases in two ways: firstly, by animating them into a movable form which can cover surfaces and slip through cracks and under doorways; and secondly by causing them to ignite. Any oil within 60' of the caster (including that in containers) can be manipulated in this way.

Whisper Throne (Level 1)
Range: 240'
Duration: 2d4 turns
Effect: Distracts 2-16 HD of creatures within a 40' square area

This spell causes its victims to be surrounded by a host of phantasmal whispers making promises and threats, playing on fears, and attacking insecurities - often in the voices of people the creature used to know but have since died. To be effective, the victim must have a spoken language and have HD of 4+1 or less. There is no saving throw.

Whisper Throne prevents the victim from casting spells; all missile attacks suffer a -4 to hit penalty and hand-to-hand attacks -2; movement is at half-rate.

Azure Purity (Level 6)
Range: 30'
Duration: Instant
Effect: Eliminates 4d8 HD of undead, devils and demons in a 30' cone extending from the caster

This spell creates a cone of clear blue purity extending from the caster to 30'; this blast destroys 4d8 HD of undead beings, devils and demons within that range (lowest Hit Dice creatures being affected first), but leaves all else unaffected.

Ubara's Scalding Palm (Level 1)
Range: Touch
Duration: 2 turns
Effect: Generates intense heat in the palm of the caster's hand

This spell causes powerful white hot energy to course through the caster's left palm, allowing him to burn anything he presses his hand to. The scalding palm causes 1d6 of damage per round if clasped against flesh (requires a successful to hit roll if the target can move freely). Originally created as a method of torture by the archmage Ubara, the scalding palm has other more practical uses; for instance a mage casting the spell can use it to
burn his hand through a wooden door within 1 turn.

Misshapen Moth (Level 5)
Range: 240'
Duration: Concentration
Effect: Summons one Misshapen Moth

Misshapen Moths are beings from another plane of existence: fat-bodied insectoid winged things with faces like birds, apes, reptiles or even humans
(AC 1, HD14, Move 90', Fly 240', Attacks: 1 bite [2d8 damage, energy drain as Wight]). These horrid, unintelligent creatures drain the life force of their victims, who once dead return to unlife as pale zombie-like thralls after 4 days.

This spell allows the caster to summon a Misshapen Moth to do his bidding; the thralls the Moth creates will then serve the caster until their bodies rot (4 weeks). Thralls are treated as zombies.


  1. "Whisper Throne" should definitely be rigged so its effectiveness is directly proportional to the number of people the target has killed

  2. Very cool, although I initially thought that these spells were inspired by the "other forge" and was expecting some funky metagame G/S/N mechanics.

  3. Zak S: Roll a d6 per hit dice for number of people killed.

    Blair: Wash your mouth out with soap!!