Monday, 15 February 2010

Random Generation Baby

From the ether (well, from the Core Mechanic) a new way to waste time and procrastinate emerges.

Yes, it's a Fantasy Name Generator, with an impressive degree of fucking-around-with-ability, for generic names, beasts, spells and locations. The names it generates are cheesy, but none the worse for it. Check out these examples:


Broad Fall
White Tribe
Tear Fountain
Plague Orb


River Drown Virus
Gnaw Grass
Drip Panther
Basker Beetle


Whishan's Winged Instinct
Narissa's Dream Arsenal
Llethra's Ghost Book
Q's Locking Hope


Basement of Iron
Ooze Void
Ruin of Crystal
Basker Lair

My favourites are the Plague Orb, River Drown Virus, Narissa's Dream Arsenal and Ooze Void.


  1. Narissa's Dream Arsenal - when cast, this conjures up a North London team that is capable of winning the Premiership, making it in Europe AND playing entertaining football.

  2. MAN! I can't thank you enough! I have a had time coming up with cool names!

  3. This is great, I think stuff like this could, nay should, be used as fodder for competitions on who can describe/stat-up/draw the best example of a Drip Panther or Tendon Wolf or Dead Fly (?) or Rose Ghoul.

    Delicious fodder to spark crunch and fluff.

  4. I'd like to know about Foul Theory