Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Fighting Fantasy Monday (Except on Tuesday): Seas of Blood (V)

Slight delay with Fighting Fantasy Monday this week; apologies for that. Last week raiding the isle of Enraki was by far the most popular choice, so off we go. Avast there, me hearties, etc.

The Banshee sails out into the Inland Sea. Roll three dice. If the result is less than your CREW STRENGTH, add 4 days to your LOG. If the result is equal to or
greater than your CREW STRENGTH, add 5 days to your LOG. Presently, you arrive off the northern-most tip of the mountainous isle of Enraki, home of the warrior priests of Asswr sel Dablo. These fearsome holy men, armed by the gods of war and
protected by the gods of stone, reside in a fortress raised on the lower slopes of the island's precipitous central snow-capped mountain. They are very rich.
You have three options to deprive them of this wealth:

A direct assault on the fortress: Turn to 231
Gaining entry to the fortress via a deception of some kind, then pilfering what you can: Turn to 315
Finding a way over the mountains behind the castle so as to assault the (most probably) lightly defended rear: Turn to 188

Log: 13 days
Gold: 63
Slaves: 1
Crew Strength: 15


  1. use the back door! are we sailors or not?

    uh...this came out wrong...

  2. Arrr! Y'see, lads... that there fortress is TEEMING with gold and women and riches and jewels and all sorts of plunder fer the likes o'ye! Now, we will need a plan o'deception and deceit, to walk in and take them unawares! Then we lootin' and pillagin' and find ourselves rich! Arrr!

  3. Time to break out the washerwoman disguises! (#315)

  4. I tell you what we should do! We'll build a giant rabbit and put a note saying it's a gift from the warrior priestesses of Karulah! After the night falls - me, Jack and ol' Henry will leave the rabbit...

  5. deception!
    lying and sneaking, wonderful

  6. Stab those rich poncy priests in the back I say!