Tuesday, 13 September 2011

It Begins

A boring Monday evening in, a glass of red wine, and a new megadungeon begins to take shape...


  1. Quick question: What generation method are you using? The OSRIC tables? DMG Appendix A? The ultra-classic "I think this looks good there" method?

    And, is it just me, or do the OSRIC and DMG tables really tend to generate *massively* different dungeons?

    DMG: I always end up with lots of endless twisting corridors and a few odd-sahped rooms.
    OSRIC: I tend to end up with lots of 'room - corridor - chamber - corridors - room' arrangements.

  2. I'm using the "I think this looks good there" approach combined with the "I have a vague idea what this area used to be before it became a dungeon" approach, with a sprinkling of -C's random room generators and other bells and whistles.

    I haven't used random generators for dungeons much in the past. I prefer to just imagine - it takes longer and is a bit of a ballache sometimes when you're waiting for information, but also seems more organic that way.

  3. I don't know why I wrote "waiting for information", as if I'm in communication with some sort of extraterrestrial entity supplying me with data about the dungeon. I meant to say "waiting for inspiration".