Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Fighting Fantasy Monday (Except on Tuesday and a Week Late): Seas of Blood (XIV)

Having promised some sprites we would investigate a thieving Krell's lair, we were last time faced with the option of swimming directly to the lair or inspecting various holes in the cave's sides. Naturally curiosity got the better of everybody and it was unanimously decided to do the latter. Naturally, the result was annoying. (Though this has been the first leap-of-faith-and-get-arbitrarily-punished moment in this particular book, I think.)

Reaching randomly into a hole, you disturb an enormous eel, which savages your arm. Lose 1 point of SKILL. Withdrawing quickly, you continue your descent into the cave. Turn to 105.

Ah, good times, eh? It's interesting how, in the previous entry, we were invited to "look into one of the holes" and yet here we are for some reason described as "reaching randomly" into one... Fighting Fantasy books are like the worst DM ever.

The cave sprouts a large side-tunnel which disappears into murky darkness in front of you, while the main cavern continues straight down. Will you change your direction and take the side-passage (turn to 136), or continue down (turn to 148)?

Not the most interesting choice, admittedly, but have at it.

Log: 25 Days
Gold: 183
Slaves: 3
Crew Strength: 15
Stamina: 10 (out of 19)
Skill: 11 (out of 12)


  1. Hmmm, well after being savaged by an eel i imagine we, the pirate, are rather pissed off. i say down to 148

  2. I'm for 148 as well.

    Stupid eels.

  3. we'll drown! sideways! sideways!

  4. Head on down!

    (word verification: amenth)

  5. Side! Side! Side! There can't be TWO eels, can ther?? ;)

  6. Well this has got to be one of the more exciting choices in the book. It appears meaningless but I can say with confidence that we should... go sideways. I predect that there will be a small fight, netting little if any treasure, and that we will have to return to this bage and continue down. However there is a small chance that out target is in this direction allowing us to conplete the side quest or there may be a McGuffin in this direction that will make the big fight easier.

    Or possably not.