Sunday, 23 December 2012

Yet More Extracts from My Game Idea Grimoire

It's been 3 years since I did a post like this. Time for another one. Some entries from noisms' Tome of Great Games That Will Never Be:

Catalogue 59q, book LVI, chapter 37, subsection XXI, no. 371 - Baltic pirates. The players are pirates in the Baltic sea circa 1380, preying on the merchants of the Hanseatic League, shagging whores in Mecklemburg, shagging sheep in Gotland, and saltboxing it up left and right.

Catalogue 17s, book III, chapter 94, subsection V, no. 14 - Amazon Cthulhu. Exploring the rainforest during the early 1900s, perhaps as missionaries to Indian tribes, perhaps as prospectors...but strange, ancient, alien things lurk in that jungle.

Catalogue 46p, book XIV, chapter 11, subsection I, no. 590 - I'm Your Farmer in the Town With No Cheer Quand On N'a Que L'Amour. A story game in which the players take their pick representing Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Scott Walker and Jacques Brel; they have to outdo each others' tales of womanizing, alcoholism and night life to score XP. The one playing Jacques Brel has to do it in French.

Catalogue 82z, book IIX, chapter 9, subsection II, no. 103 - The First Norsemen in Iceland. Does what it says on the tin. The players are the first Norsemen exploring Iceland. It's more interesting than it sounds; there were weird fucked-up Irish monks living there first: where did they disappear to, and what did they leave behind?

Catalogue 17, book X, chapter 41, subsection XXXIII, no. 46 - Just this:


  1. I am running a 4e campaign that is pretty damn close to Amazon Cthulhu (minus the 1900's, although my PCs just started time traveling so I suppose anything is possible). The Baltic pirate game sounds like fun as well. How many volumes is your grimoire? Sounds like quite an undertaking :)

  2. Can I get on the list for First Norsemen in Iceland?

    1. If I ever run it. Which, who knows? I might. The next thing I want to run changes from week to week at the moment.

  3. I have in mind some day to do a Baltic Ars Magica campaign set in the city of Vineta the "Baltic Atlantis".