Thursday, 29 January 2015

Random Encounters in New Troy: The Forest of Broceliande

This is a random encounter table for the Forest of Broceliande. All random encounter tables for New Troy have two columns, with some rough correlation between results for New Troy and Faerie; occasionally Faeries are encountered in New Troy, and humans are encountered in Faerie. The basic principle is that Faerie is generally where high adventure happens, but there is always going to be slippage.

I've only included stats were necessary; I intend to expand on methods for creating "generic faerie commoners", the Questing Beast, and the role of the Dvergrs in future entries.


  1. Good Job. I like your lycanthropes, especially the were raven, but I think you made a typo, unless a wereboat is just an amazingly new type of monster found only on rivers and lakes.

    1. Yeah, should be wereboar - who put t and r next to each on the keyboard, anyway?