Monday, 31 August 2015

Revisiting the Forge

It's been a long time since I played around with The Forge. Let's create some beasties.

Bramble Medusa. A woman with a thick head of thorny brambles where her hair should be. Her body is that of a nubile young woman; but her face is withered and her skin, rough. Meeting her gaze transforms the looker into a tree sapling in a process taking 6 turns; nothing can stop the hideous process of legs becoming roots and arms, branches. AC 4, HD 4+2, Move 120, #ATT 2, DMG d6/d6. Spell-like abilities: Pass Without Trace 3/day, Plant Growth 1/day, Summon Insects 1/day, Shillelagh 1/day.

Brittle Ant. Hand-sized autonomous glass ants created by a forgotten sorcerer for reasons lost in time. They are extremely fragile and now only seven remain in the world; each is worth 20,000 gold pieces. Any impact will crack and break them. AC 9, HD 1hp, Move 90, #ATT None.

Prayer Creature. A sentient being created at the moment a prayer is offered. Their character is formed from the emotion of the supplicant: a prayer offered in fear creates something terrified of its own shadow; a prayer offered in hope creates something optimistic and earnest. Roll to determine the emotion of the supplicant at the time of prayer: 1 - Fear, 2 - Hope, 3- Greed, 4 - Love, 5 - Hate, 6 - Lust, 7 - Envy, 8 - Pleading. The prayer creature is a humanish embodiment of its character. AC 6, HD 1+1, Move 120, #ATT 1, DMG By weapon, Spell-like abilities: d3 randomly determined level 1 spells, each available 1/day.

Spring Invention. Beings made up from light, dew and morning mist, which exist for mere hours on spring mornings before dissipating. Their lives can be prolonged through a Permanency spell; if this is done, they will serve their rescuer faithfully. AC n/a (unharmed by weapons), HD 2, Move 120 (fly), #ATT 1, DMG d8 (energy pulse). Spell-like abilities: Create Water 3/day, Locate Plants 1/day, Plant Growth 1/day, Call Woodland Beings 1/week, Purify Food and Drink 1/day, Summon Insects 1/week.

Slave Locust. A locust swarm bent to the will of a magic-user through the Enslave Locust Swarm 4th level magic-user spell. The swarm is d100x20 cubic feet in size and acting in concert can lift objects; if directed to attack it surrounds the target and hits automatically, doing 1 hp damage per turn. It can be disbursed only by a sizeable fire.

Quartz Wraith. A dead soul who has become trapped within a seam of quartz on his or her descent to hell and has been inhabiting the crystals for centuries or millennia. Immobile and unable to leave, it waits for passers-by in the caves and tunnels beneath the earth so it can drain their memories and experiences - or even their souls - to salve its mad boredom. AC 0 (unharmed by non-bludgeoning weapons), HD 10, Move 0, #ATT 1, DMG Special (beam of energy-drain; drains 2 levels per hit). Spell-like abilities: Trap the Soul, 1/day. A Transmute Rock to Mud spell releases the spirit, for which it will grant a Limited Wish.


  1. Those aren't bad at all.

    Don't know how you got them though. Every time I've attempted to use that thing I get the goofiest, nonsensical crap.

    1. Yeah, you have to fiddle around with it a bit and sift through the gibberish. You can lock in "good" words, which helps.

  2. You were doing podcast for a while. I don't know why the more popular bloggers haven't created a podcast scene interviewing each other and whatnot. 20 mins is a good length and invisibly scripted and tight not rambling chats. Id listen for one.

    Did you watch Patrick Stewarts interview ? Doesn't he live in your neck of the woods ?

    1. The podcast is still going, irregularly. I don't think doing interviews is a bad idea at all, so it may happen. Patrick and I go back a long way, to the same war gamers club.