Saturday 9 April 2022

Six More One Sentence Monsters

Hollowhood - A figure with an apparently corporeal form, its face hidden within the folds of a dark and heavy cloak and its body swathed in clothing; in death, it is revealed as having had no solidity at all, and its garments simply fall emptily to the ground. HD 2, AC 6, #ATT 2 fists, DMG 1d4+2/1d4+2, Move 120, ML 8, No. Appearing 3d6 (Is instantly killed if its cloak or hood is removed, requiring a successful grappling roll; its cloak, if worn, allows the wearer to see invisible, but causes a -6 penalty to reaction rolls and cannot be removed once worn except through a remove curse spell)

Cloud Hag - A gaunt and malevolent old woman, devourer of flesh, who appears on hilltops and isolated moors when the dank clouds lie low against the earth. HD 9, AC 4, #ATT 2 claws, DMG 2d4*/2d4*, Move 150, ML 10, No. Appearing 1 (*Claw attacks erase the personality and will of the victim on a failed save vs death magic, causing him or her to mindlessly follow the hag thereafter; can cast spells as an 11th level cleric)

The Jade Cat - A feline automaton forged from jade, whose padding presence enthrals and transfixes the viewer. HD 2, AC 4, #ATT 1, DMG 1d8*, Move 150, ML 7, No. Appearing 1 (*Attacks are of sharpness and can sever limbs accordingly; anybody seeing a jade cat at closer than 60' is paralysed for the duration it is within that range on a failed save vs magic)

The Bronze Demon - A wiry, twisted, faceless, horned thing that stalks spasmodically from here to there, often coming at night to isolated settlements to do the deadly will of its abyssal masters. HD 11, AC 2, #ATT 2 fists, 1 gore, DMG 2d6/2d6/1d10, Move 120, ML 12, No. Appearing 1 (*Suffers no damage from bludgeoning or piercing weapons; suffers no damage from fire or cold based attacks, but double damage from electricity)

Embermouth - A lazy, loathsome reptilian beast whose breath is belching smoke and whose tongue and teeth glow fiery red. HD 7, AC 1, #ATT 1 bite, 1 tail slap, DMG 2d6+2*/1d8, Move 150, ML 7, No. Appearing 1 (*Bites cause double damage to anything not resistant to fire, and ignite the clothing of the victim, causing 1d4 hp damage automatically the following round, 1d3 hp damage the round after that, and 1d2 hp damage the round after that, unless the victim can douse himself with water or receive aid from a comrade to put out the fire)

Spirit Golem - A golem forged from dead souls, entwined together to form a lumbering giant composed of many ghostly figures tangled up into a larger whole. HD 8, AC 4, #ATT 2, DMG Special, Move 150, ML 12, No. Appearing 1 (*Fist attacks drain energy as a spectre; cannot be harmed by non-magical weapons; non-corporeal and can pass through walls and other solid objects)

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  1. These are fantastic! Much obliged.

  2. I deeply appreciate / am amused by your use of a semicolon to keep to the one-sentence rule.