Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Interview with Patrick Stuart on Yoon-Suin

 I was interviewed again, and it was good.

Subjects include Yoon-Suin, scientologist-inflected jazz fusion, 70s/80s SF, hating on Hollywood, monetizing D&D, the Spear of Eternity, and more.


  1. Great interview, great listen. I find you and Patrick quite entertaining...wish you two would do more of these. The bit about the spell book with Fool's Gold still has me snickering.
    : )

    Couple of Old Man corrections:

    - The painting "Death of Sturm" by Larry Elmore shows the elf Laurana standing over Sturm, not Kitiara (half-sister of Raistlin/Caramon, lover of Tanis). In the book, Laurana stands over his body with a dragon lance to drive off Kitiara and her dragon mount (Dragons of a Winter's Night). Larauna was also a love-interest (later wife) of Tanis. Painting originally appeared in the 1987 Dragonlance calendar...which I owned at the time.

    - The soundtrack for 1978's Battlestar Galactica was composed by Stu Phillips and performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra...it is very much NOT of the "electronic, b-film" fare you describe (I believe the intention was to ape the John Williams Star Wars soundtrack for a grandiose "space opera."

    HOWEVER, the (later) Buck Roger in the 25th Century television series (1979-1981) is very much of the ilk you describe. Since you first referenced the "Buck Rogers film" (when meaning the Queen-soundtrack themed Flash Gordon (1980)), I am going to guess this is what you were thinking of; check it out:


    Lots of SF stuff circa 1980 had this kind of trashy, cheesy music. Having lived that era, I could probably give you a fairly a long list.

    Anyway. Thanks to you and Patrick. Good luck with the new Yoon-Suin!
    : )

    1. Ah yes, easy to get confused with late 70s SF.

      Right about the death of Sturm. I knew Kitiara was somebody's half sister but thankfully not somebody she was sexually involved with...

    2. That last one's easy to get confused, too...everyone in the DL series eventually ends up sexually involved with someone (there's a later ret-con I guess that has Kitiara and Sturm having an illicit relationship in their youth that led to child...not in the original novels...who grows up to be some sort of Knight/Highlord hybrid or something?).

      Everyone except Tas, of course,

  2. It's the Trolltooth Wars: https://fightingfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/The_Trolltooth_Wars_(book)

  3. You talked about why most modern fantasy films are cringe worthy, and spoke about how the directors often treat the subject matter in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

    I believe the reason for this is that the Hollywood culture places itself above fantasy, much in the way that literary critics trash works like C.S. Lewis'. The director feel like they are being forces to make movies about what the common man likes, but can't bring themselves to stoop to doing it in an earnest manner.

    Recall the original (1950's) meaning of the word 'cool' is a detached lack of (hot) passion. Geek-dom is the antithesis of that. Hollywood is obsessed with being perceived as cool.