Saturday, 24 October 2009

Post-Apocalyptic Playlist

[An occasional series of 15-song playlists for different gaming genres. Partially inspired by Zak (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery), but I was planning to do it anyway. Today: Post-Apocalypse.]
  1. The gadget turned the pre-dawn sky as bright as the sun...
  2. Zombies running all around!
  3. It's 8:15, and that's the time that it's always been...
  4. "What five letters spell 'Apocalypse'?" she asked me.
  5. Give peace a chance, and see what happens.
  6. I could have swore I saw a light coming on.
  7. I'm gonna whittle you into kindlin'.
  8. In better times, a spell could save you... [to 5:02]
  9. There's nothing left to see - turn out the light.
  10. It's only the wind, blowing litter all around.
  11. This will turn out the way it should be.
  12. We still believe in love, so fuck you.
  13. No birds, no birds, the sky is swollen black...
  14. The Cool Kids of Death.
  15. I heard what you said - the leaders are dead!
Some are chosen for lyrics, some for mood, and some for both.


  1. I should've realized the apocalypse would be brought on not by ice, nor fire, but by a Poppy Ennui Bomb.

  2. Bah, come the post-apocalypse all the stoner rockers and space metalists will be hiding in their mothers' basements.

  3. Hey, I saw Children of Men, I realize they teach a whole different apocalypse in british schools.

  4. Well you see modern Britain and the post-apocalypse are almost the same thing, except for the fact that we have the internet.

  5. ...and those fast zombies.

    Over here the apocalypse involves slow zombies--and stuff from the Bible.

  6. The difference between American and British cultures: in America people are optimistic that zombies will be slow and in any case Jesus might save them. In Britain people are pessimistic that zombies will be super fast, but at least that means it will be over quickly.