Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Mollusc World

I think I'll put up some more invertebrate people pictures tomorrow - including a squid man sumo wrestler. So I've given fair warning.

I'm feeling inspired to create something, mainly because I've been reading about the exploits of others in creating old school supplements, but also because I want to make a more permanent contribution than this blog. I love posting here, and have put up quite a lot of gaming-related ideas, but most of it disappears into the ether - the nature of blogging being what it is. I'm not in this to make money (anything I release will be free) but it would be nice to have something more solid.

A while ago, as some of you may recall, I was busy writing up a setting idea I'd had for a long time which mixed Australian Aboriginal culture with the Cthulu mythos, but everything I'd written was destroyed in a hard drive accident and the thought of redoing the whole thing was just too bleak a prospect to contemplate. For a while now I've been casting about for something else to do instead, and I'm starting to think molluscs are the way to go. Specifically, a scrapbook of usable stuff that people can take out and insert into their own campaign, whether a single page or the entire ninety-six (or whatever it comes to), based around the theme of mollusc-people: slugmen, squidpeople, octopusfolk and gastropodlians.

Right now my idea is for a collection of monsters, PC races, NPCs, and a mollusc-people city which can be inserted into a larger campaign world or be used as a small standalone campaign setting. It will be detail-light and as 'crunch' free as possible, to allow for easy tailoring to whatever flavour of D&D floats your boat, and will hopefully be a little (very little) twist with which to change the flavour of a game. This time, God and computer hardware willing, I'll actually get the thing done.


  1. I think your creature collection sounds cool. You could even put it out in print, like a little a little digest or something. Keep us posted on your progress.


  2. I'm heating up the garlic butter even now.

  3. Cthulhu made Squidfolk in his own image...

  4. That sounds... odd, but in a good way. I endorse this idea fully. Keep us posted,