Thursday, 29 January 2009

More Molluscs

I won't inflict any more of my art on you after this entry, I promise. Once again, I apologise profusely for this collection of appalling nonsense and laughable scribblings plagueing your RSS feed.

1. The Snail-Elf

This is an elf mage who was forced by his god to take on this form after a faustian bargain. In return for 100 years of vast wealth and power, the mage had to accept 100 years of life in this mutant form beforehand. He is a mighty spellcaster, but can only use magic that does not have a somatic or material component.

2. A Squid Sumo Wrestler

Squid men are fanatical wrestlers. It is their favourite pastime. This rikishi has a long feeding tentacle with which to snare opponents, and a tentacled fist with an octopus-like beak in the palm. Squid-men wrestling bouts are bloody affairs, though their innate toughness usually means the rikishi suffer no long term ill effects.

3. A slug man on the way to a picnic

A more light hearted piece. 'Slug men' are hermaphroditic and display both male and female qualities. This fellow has a sun parasol and a handbag and is off to meet his friends at the mushroom-park.

4. A Snailgiant

A half-snail, half-giant terror. [I don't know why he's wearing a business suit.]


  1. You've got too much time on your hands.

  2. Are you kidding?! I love this! You have way more stones than I do, to post your art, and it's very whimsical. I like it!

    Giantslug sez: Just nthr day at t3h office!

  3. I jest, you should compile these. Some kind of satirical take on monster manuals... Put it together, make it look flashy and then release it under a Creative Commons (or equivalent) licence for other people to read and love.