Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ah, The Big Purple

I don't like to partake in bashing too much, but I just had to link to this thread, which is just priceless, as it contains everything that is bad about that forum in one go: the snooty, unfunny, hackneyed old joke contained in the OP, the weird in-joke acronyms that nobody understands, the horrible spectacle of geeks being smug about having a "sense of humour", and then - the icing on the cake - a moderator stepping in with red text to ban somebody for a week for a trivial "personal attack" which nobody understands, as if everybody involved is 5 years old (which they sort of are). God, I love that website.


  1. Do we get to point and laugh? If so, i'm in.

  2. Isn't that what the internet is for?

  3. Nadsat is more comprehensible that the language employed in the first few posts of that thread. And that was all I could stomach reading.

  4. I have been on and off more times than I care to count. Its a good site but they take gaming far too seriously. Its a tiny niche hobby where we pretend to be elves or heroes or something, not Serious Business.

    I will say though most of the time, the mod staff is excellent and makes good judgments without much caprice which is a rare thing.

    That last ban was understandable at least, translated the party told the other to Die in Fire Mother F... a basic breaking of the rules. Of course what the fact I understand says about me I don't know.

    The rest of that post,well Time Cube ahoy

  5. I was so confused! *holds head in pain*

    At first I wanted to point and laugh but then...I just didn't know who to laugh at.

    Then it kind of looked sad like watching my aged grandmother and her sister talking in Norwegian to each other and neither realizing who the other was.

    'That girl was sure nice but crazy. She thought she was my sister Eda and Eda is just a little girl.'

    'That woman was nice but crazy. She thought she was my sister Clara but Clara is a beautiful woman and she's an old lady.'

    Sad but kind of funny at the same time. Will I go to hell for chuckling at my aged grandmother and great aunt?

  6. RPGnet is such an embarrassment. First step to fixing it involves locking Tangency.

    Which will never happen.