Saturday, 13 August 2011

[Dog Variants] The Paladin's Dog

This is for 2nd edition ADnD rather than my usual go-to of BECMI.

Usually, a paladin character gains a special war horse at 4th level after performing a certain quest. Instead of this steed, the paladin's player may instead choose to have his character gain a canine companion. Usually a large breed such as a wolfhound, leonberger, or mastiff, this dog will be loyal and protective of its owner, and almost preturnaturally attuned to him or her, with no need of training.

The paladin's dog seems to somehow grow in size and exude power when it stands alongside its master; it causes fear in evil creatures of 2 HD or less.

Paladin's Dog

AC: 4
HD: 3+1
THAC0: 17

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