Thursday 22 May 2014

The Spear of Eternity

When I was about 10, a friend and I tried to write fantasy epics. I can't remember what his was about, but mine was called The Spear of Eternity. It clocks in at 61 pages and features a quest ranging over the continent of Snith to find the many parts of said spear, put it together, and use it to kill Keshin the Death Lord. The final chapter is split into two separate parts to build suspense - I was an absolute pathfinder in that respect when you consider the approach taken to the Harry Potter and Hunger Games films. I think of The Spear of Eternity as the great unpublished work of fiction of the 20th Century.

I don't want to give any more details away in case, at the time of my death, this lost masterpiece is uncovered and published to rampant and unbridled success, akin to Edwin Drood or The Love of the Last Tycoon. I wouldn't want to spoil that for my descendants. But I will give you a glimpse at some of the masterly interior illustrations.

This is called "The Chaos Mutants Attack Dwarves". Not sure why the dwarf on the left has his axe in his belt right in the middle of a battle. Frankly I think he deserves to be clubbed in the face with a massive morning star.

This is Rikki the Tigerman. In the first scene in which he appears, he bites the head off something that has "the body of a huge ogre and the head of an elephant" and then introduces himself as "An expert scout and fighter". Show off.

A zombie, fresh from battle. He looks friendly, but looks can be deceptive. Zombies are capable of whipping their claws around "in a hideous carousel of death". I have to admit there's no way that's my line; I must have cribbed it from somewhere. I'm not altogether sure I knew what a carousel was when I was 10.

A map of Snith. Not only is there a Forest of Destruction; there is also a Forest of Death. No Forest of Doom, though. To the West are the Howling Caves, the Scimitar Hills, and the Desert of Snakes; in the North the Icefinger Mountains; in the East, the Dark Lands. No prizes for guessing where the Death Lord lives.

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  1. "Horrific jagged wounds." Love it.

    I still have a few of my stories I wrote back when I was ten around. Like yours they're complete with illustrations and maps.

  2. I would cast Christopher Judge as Rikki the Tigerman.

  3. Try to release it as an official Encounter Critical novel.

  4. This cries out for publication!

    The only question is: Lulu, DTRpg, or DTFiction?