Friday, 26 August 2016

Saaquaalaalit of the Blue Papaya Moon

An old and gouty su-monster princeling sits in his garden, under the shade of a veranda made from ebony and pink and yellow flowers, fanned by fat human female slaves. As the fifth son of his family he is freed from the responsibility of rule; his only duty is to ensure that he does not squander all of the vast fortune he has inherited.

As with all su-monsters, the human invention of alcohol fascinates and dominates the hopes and desires of Saaquaalaalit of the Blue Papaya Moon. It is the means by which he dulls his psionic senses, which otherwise painfully and inexorably expand their tendrils to the point of sleeplessness and deep anxiety and depression. Alcohol is the balm by which he salves the wounds in his brain. Yet he also belongs to a growing number of the su-monster aristocracy who enjoy liquor in its own right - the scent, taste and sensation on their simian lips and tongues.

While once he enjoyed all manner of entertainments of the flesh and mind, Saaquaalaalit uses his wealth nowadays for one purpose alone: increasing his collection of wines and spirits. His cellar covers acres; extensions are constantly under construction by his army of slaves. Traders come from all over the Fixed World to give him samples of their wares in the hopes that he will purchase more. In the hills and valleys around his belvedere throngs of human 'expert' vintners (some genuine, many silver-tongued quacks) organize gangs of workers planting vineyards. Vast swathes of hillside are scraped and carried away for replacement by supposedly more productive soils. All of this labour comes to nothing: Saaquaalaalit has drunk so much and become so fussy and discerning that he can only be satisfied by the rarest, strangest, and most distant of drinks.

There are great opportunities in Saaquaalaalit's employ, then, for those brave and resourceful enough to find such rarities. The rewards are potentially near-endless. But potential candidates are wisely warned that Saaquaalaalit of the Blue Papaya Moon is well-acquainted with disappointment, and dislikes it intensely.

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  1. I just might steal this for my next campaign. We need more monsters with hobbies in games.