Saturday, 4 February 2017

A Map of a Memory World

I did some doodling with maps for BGSJ earlier, by way of illustration of how things are looking. This is by no means a final version - a proper artist will do that. Just for fun. Sorry it's a bit dim. 


  1. Interesting. So the crocodile has spent most of its lifetime out at sea? I wonder; does it have fins or flippers like some of those ancient marine crocodiles? And for that matter, does it remember any creatures that look like that? I could see them being the rough equivalent of dolphins - creatures that the crocodile recognized as cousins to it, perhaps even potential mates.

    1. It's a saltwater croc or something similar so it has spent lots of time at sea, yes. But lots of time on land too. There will be plenty of weird stuff it remembers from the ocean, have no fear!