Thursday, 9 June 2016

Oceangoing Floating Toad Mothers

Floating the great flat expanse of the wide ocean, with the energy of the hot sun in its veins, the crocodile gazed across the surface of the water and saw boats crewed by men, women and children: settlers spreading East in search of islands to make their homes. In the eye of the crocodile, they were not boats but beasts: floating brown creatures, propelled by powerful legs, and seemingly carrying swarms of squirming, wriggling young on their backs. Some form of giant seagoing toads, then: long, narrow amphibians which host their young within their skin, swimming across the oceans like the crocodile too - cold-blooded companions in the vast expanse of the hot Southern seas.

Oceangoing Floating Toad Mother

AC 16, HD 9+9, AB +6
*Bites for 1d6 damage; an attack that does 6 hp of damage causes the victim to be swallowed (if human sized or smaller) - death occurs within 3 rounds unless the toad mother is killed
*Carries 2d20 young, which squirm free from the skin within 1 round if the toad mother is attacked


AC 12, HD 1, AB +1
*Bites for 1d2 damage
*Six young acting together can forgo making attacks to drag a victim below the surface of the water to drown within 6 rounds

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  1. Cheers. Nice monster type that I will use in my current campaign. I might change the effect to angry young bursting out of the skin when it is damaged (DODGE or take small damage d4) rather than tracking their small damage.