Monday, 20 June 2016

The Cult of the Unmated Female with Eggs

When Pape Jan entered the Dreamtime of Man in the crocodile's memory, he sought with some success to bring the Word of God to the strange heathen beings he found there. This has given rise to false memories in the crocodile's mind - nowadays, when it thinks of the those creatures, it pictures some of them carrying crossed sticks and books, ritually washing themselves, and drinking each other's blood. Sometimes, they construct large square nests out of stone, in which they gather for purposes it cannot understand.

Over time, as the crocodile 'remembers' these activities, they crystallise in its mind, becoming rapidly stronger, stranger and more detailed, even as they grow further and further from what Pape Jan intended. In due course, many esoteric groupings resembling cargo cults have arisen among the memory-homo erectus; one of these groupings is the Cult of the Unmated Female with Eggs.

The Cult of the Unmated Female with Eggs revolves around the veneration of the image of a young female memory-homo-erectus carrying a clutch of eggs in her arms. This image is daubed in blood on the inside of caves, carved into cliff faces, or scratched into the sand in river banks; wherever members of the cult are found, they create such images and prostrate themselves before them, muttering strange arhythmic and garbled chants that might be thought of as parodies of song.

These groups are led by covens of young, pregnant females. When a female has become pregnant for the first time, and until she gives birth, she is taken away from her mate and becomes part of the leadership coven; once she has given birth she loses her privileged status and never regains it. This gives the leadership coven a constantly rotating membership. These females are fed with the blood of the group's members and their every whim is indulged; for the duration of their period of leadership they live together separately as one. After they leave the leadership coven they may select a different mate, as they are deemed to have not in fact yet mated.

When one of the females in the leadership coven has given birth, her eggs are taken to a large circular open-roofed chamber made from wood and stone which the males build together. Around the tops of the walls are placed crossed sticks equal in number to the number of eggs. Once the eggs have hatched, the young are carried to the top of the walls and tied to those sticks, where they are venerated until the next female in the leadership coven gives birth. At this point they are taken down and incorporated into the clan as ordinary members.

While they are in position on the crossed sticks, the young are fed with the blood of captives who are taken to the middle of their chamber and tied to staves. These unfortunate captives are kept alive in that position for as long as possible, being fed and watered and occasionally untied to relieve themselves, so that they can provided blood for the young for as long as they are able before expiring.

Pape Jan considers the Cult of the Unmated Female with Eggs to be a heresy, and he attempts to expunge these false 'memories' whenever he becomes aware of them.

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